Frequently Asked Questions about Koustav Photography Prices and Packages in Kolkata/Howrah


As per our experience in the field of Koustav Photography in Kolkata we have found client queries in these three main subjects. viz 1. Price, 2. Package Details, and 3. Service and Delivery



My wedding is on this date, what are your Prices / Packages?

Wedding Photography packages starts from as low as Rs 10,000/- Please have a look at the Prices page for Pricing and details. All our Wedding Photography Packages are customizable to your preferences and budget. 

For Kolkata Weddings, there is a special attraction on the Packages we offer you, these Packages will have an offer price which will reduce every day. 



What all are included in the Packages ?

We have every detail in the packages for you to get a complete information about the same. Typically a Koustav Photography package has three components.1. Photography , 2. Videography, 3. Albums

You may opt for all the three of any combinations between these three. Please leave your details in the contact us page and we will reply to you with our best possible offers.

How many Photos will you give?

You can expect minimum 500 odd images from a full day wedding . Remember, this 500 is sorted out of 2000 odd snaps.

Do you provide Candid Photography ? 

We provide informal/Candid style imagery in our Process to document your wedding events . There is a misconception about the real meaning of Candid Photography. Our approach is based on universally accepted methods of Candid Photography in Weddings.

Do you Offer FREE Pre Wedding Photoshoot ?

We do Pre Wedding Shoots as well as Videos but unfortunately we do not offer anything FREE.

What is Wedding Cinematography ? How much does it Cost ?

Wedding Cinematography is a fine way to document a wedding using cinematic equipments thus giving the wedding video a feel of CINEMA. Typically we dont include cinematography in our wedding packages and customer may opt for it separately.

Wedding Cinematography is a costly and starts from Approximately Rs 20,000/- per day to Rs 50,000/- per day depending on the volume and arrangements. Please contact us for more details.

We had so many customers who opted for a No-Album package because they were flying out of india almost immediately after their wedding and wanted to have digital copies only. Making Album purchase compulsory will make these clients waste their money.

Do you travel out of Kolkata? Will you charge extra? What about the travel and other expenses?

No weddings happen inside our home/office, we travel to the place you want us to. 

We are Wedding Photographers and in India it is a seasonal business, it means weddings happen back to back, which leaves us very less time to relax. The travel time required for your wedding outside Kolkata will be calculated as working day for us and the package will be calculated accordingly. If  it appears econimic to you to book us flight tickets, we are ok with it.

Travel , Stay, Food expenses will be extra as actual. We are open to travel anywhere in India and Abroad.


How Many Photographers will be there in your team?

Very good question.

We will provide you with Only One Professional Koustav Photographer  per venue. This Candid Photographer will be responsible for the Still Photography  of the entire Wedding. 

Every Candid Photographer will have an assistant-photographer thus making the total count into Two. 

Sometimes (depending on the volume of the event and availability of extra manpower) there might be another non-photographer in the team to look after the lights. With this the team could be of Three.

To make sure the entire work is done in a responsible way, we sometimes may send one Team Manager to the venue. His task is to ensure the Photographer doesn't miss anything in the heat of the moment. And the team becomes Four.

You will take full Payment before delivery ? Why?

You have trusted us with the responsibility to preserve your memories , we ask you please be sure to put us in your trusted list before moving forword. Because, when we accept the small date booking advance, we invest a lot from ourselves for your event, even if you cancel the event we have to experience this loss. We trust you and we do the arrangements, and after we have performed our best in front of you it is your job to complete the payments, so that our boys get their payments and the editor gets his deadline.

We won't be taking up any assignment where the client disagree to complete payment on or before the event. Editing will only start once payment is completed full and final. You can take all RAW photos and video clips once payment is clear.

When Will I get my Album, how long does it take ?

It takes about a month to edit the images and 2-3 months for the Video. You can expect a timeline of 3 months to get everything delivered. 

Why so late? The other photographer says delivers within few weeks?

We shoot approximately 4000 to 6000 images from a 2-an-half day wedding, which gets sorted into 1500-2000 images for processing. If you calculate approximately 5 seconds average per image it comes about a task of uninterrupted 8 hours which is practically about 2 days.

Now the processing part. Take a minimum 5 minutes average to be spent on each image which adds upto more than 150 odd hours of intense observation and fine tuning.

How may days will it be ? 

Add to that the other wedding and non-wedding assignments falling in between these days (of course we will be doing weddings of other people as well).

Good work takes time, you wanted us to create something for lifetime, please have some patience and let us create wonders.

I can't wait for months. Is there any other way to get it faster?

Sure there are. 

Some cases, we had asked the clients to give us a HDD drive with approximately 200-300 GB space and we transfer the RAW still and videos immediately after payment is completed Full and Final. 

The clients could now use their honeymoon afternoons to select the images and send us a list for processing or album designing. They could also suggest suitable music to be added to the videos once they go through the clips/scenes in their laptop, thus video edit could speed up.We would like to be transparent to what we promise and what we deliver.