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"A photographer’s eyes are his best lens and that’s what exactly PD does for you. It was my Princess’s engagement who had googled tons and finally ended up with Koustav Photography. He’s a friendly soul and you can immediately connect with him, if your professionalism ends in making good friends then you are definitely doing the job right. He’s accurate, has a nick for details and is extremely technical about his work. He was a no mood spoiler and had immense patience to go through everyone’s expectations with a smile; the weight of his camera didn’t show in his attitude. Obviously, he had got pretty hot models to succumb with his talent."


"From understanding the equation and bond between the couple to minutely capturing the feelings our folks go through..from being a guide to the bride during the Make up to capturing the emotions during vidaai. The photographer at Koustav Photography just knows exactly what you need..
Our experience with Koustav Photography has been just has given us the memories for life..the photography that makes us relive those moments again and again.
Pushp deep has just made our special occasion much more special by his amazing sense of photography.
All the best for all your future endeavors
Hope you keep making people smile with your click!
Much love :) " 


"When we were planning our engagement, photography was the most important. We not only wanted all the beautiful photos of the ceremony, but also a priceless record of all of our friends and family who attended. Photography was taken care by my dear husband (fiancu00e9 then). He and I were pretty sure that each click has to be that “special photographed moment”.
And I am so glad Nitin gave “us” the opportunity to get to know Pushp Deep Pandey (Koustav Photography).
Pushp Deep is amazing because he takes the photos that you want. He doesn’t push you to take photos that are posed, but knows better than you might (or I did) that some of the photos you don’t think are important he will secretly snap.
He was able to capture our experience of the engagement, as well as, all the wonderful moments we (possibly) missed, while attending everyone around. He was able to do this because not only could he magically “disappear” when needed (he must have teleported around the ceremony), but is also very intuitive and can capture people’s personalities.
He was able to capture ours because we were incredibly comfortable around him. We got a vendor crush during the engagement session and liked him more and more. He makes each photo a treat to watch.
Pushp Deep has the innate ability to perfectly fuse fun with professionalism – not an easy task. His polished technique, coupled with his pleasant attitude, is what makes him the perfect photographer for your next event.
Absolutely recommend Koustav Photography for any wedding ceremony, engagement session, family portrait, and the like.
… May your success and fortune, manifold. For milestones ahead ! Cheers :) "