About Us

My self Koustav Paul, the CEO and founder of KOUSTAV PHOTOGRAPHY. I am from Kolkata,India.

We are one of the best wedding and fashion photography team in Kolkata, India specializing in wedding photography, corporate events, cinematic wedding movies and family portraits, we travel across India in search for the perfect moment and to capture it, we are there for you at every step in your journey to guarantee that you can cherish your moments forever.
"I love to take pictures of people & I’m very friendly with them. My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people."
We don’t see our work as “just-an-assignment”, it’s a part of our journey as well, the moment when we meet new people, interact with them and share their joys it’s a wholesome experience for us too, we like to have fun on assignment and enjoy the whole experience. We believe in that, we believe that capturing one’s journey/moment should be such that when you look at the picture you should be able to go back in time.
"I started photography when I was at 19. But during that time I didn’t know I’m creative in photography. I have the power to see the beauty. Now I feel really lucky because my hobby is my profession."
Picking up a camera gives me an opportunity to capture a specific vision to share with others. Ultimately, a well captured image represents a moment in time that is expressed infinitely, and that’s enough of a reason for me to hang a camera around my shoulders wherever I go.
I always shoot in RAW and in portrait mode. All of my post-processing is done in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018. As an artist, the biggest favor I ever did myself was stop comparing my work to that of others, and rather than trying to mimic the editing style of someone else-creating color combinations that combined all my favorite things into one custom look. A mixture of rich, hazy, matte and muted.
Life is really busy, but I enjoy internet surffing and hanging out with friends in my free time.
That’s all about me telling you.
Meet us and you will know that there is no chance that you will ever be uncomfortable with us, like ever! We do our best so that you don’t have to ‘pose’ hard or even grin uncomfortably.

If you want to know more please contact me. I would be glad to tell you. Thank you.