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"I want my images to evoke a narrative, but in a way that is open to interpretatin. My images are fabricated, because I love the ability to control what happens.
The images I create are influenced by environment and location. MY images are not always about the people I photograph, instead I see them as actors, playing a part. It is important that there is a strong connection betweeen the location and people in my images. Aesthetics always plays a role, but i feel it should support the overall vision. I try to be transparent in my work. I prefer the viewer to see the images with their own eyes, and bring their own interpretation.
Whether you're looking for a simple portrait/any type photography or need help with a larger project, I would love to work with you and I am happy to come to you.
Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you hav any questions, Please contact me."


 The Super Moon.



Camera Model: NIKON D5300

Camera Priority Mode:  Manual Priority

F-Stop: F/9

Exposure: 1/250 Sec.

ISO Speed: ISO-250

Focal Length: 300 mm

Max Aperture: 5.3

Metering Mode: Center Weighted Average

Flash Mode: No Flash

35 mm Focal Length

That’s how I reached this winding under construction road which had made my organs swap places from the jerking. I was almost jumping and dancing inside the cab, so are the organs inside me. After reaching Sombaria we got to see pitch road. Finally around 3 PM I reached my destination with back pain and dust all over my clothes. Upon my arrival I was served with a cup of hot black ginger tea. It felt so good to sip it slowly enjoying the flavor and the warmth of the tea. The lunch they served had roti, egg curry, fries and papad on the menu. After gulping down my lunch, I quickly kept my luggage in the room and rushed out with my camera to enjoy the serene mountains. It was late afternoon. The sun had begun to set in the west. The sky was gradually changing it’s colour. At first it was blue with a hint of yellow. Then it turned into orange with a mix of yellow. Finally it turned into red after the sun set.   
I put my luggage in the cab and boarded it. This time I got the window seat in the last row. I put on my sweat shirt as I could feel a drop in the temperature at Jorethang. As the cab got filled up with all the twelve passengers, the driver started the engine. I was excited for my second solo trip.
It was a sudden plan. I planned to travel with few of my friends, but none of them could manage time. I thought of travelling alone again. I searched in the internet about some places in Sikkim to visit for a solo trip. I found Barsey to be a suitable destination for me. I found few phone numbers on the internet and rang them up. I booked a room in a homestay in Barsey. I took three days off from my work and coupled with the weekend I could easily plan a five day trip. I called up the home stay owner of Barsey and asked him how to reach there. I came to know that Hiley is the last motorable place. From there I have to trek about 5 KM to reach Barsey through the Rhododendron Sanctuary. He also informed me that as I was travelling alone, it would be difficult for me to reach Barsey on the very same day. He suggested me to stay over at Okhrey for one night and put me in touch with a person who managed his home stay at Okhrey.
 As soon as the sun set, the temperature dropped by few degrees. I was wearing a jacket, even then I could feel my naked hands freezing. I decided to head back to my room. Nights are always long in the mountains. This time I carried a book named “The Old Man And The Sea” by Earnest Hemingway and decided to finish it during my trip. Talking about telephone network, I found Idea to be working till Jorethang. At Okhrey I found signals for both Airtel and Vodafone.


Perhaps Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far in India. I fell in love with the place when the very first time I visited Sikkim. For people in West Bengal it is a very beautiful tourist location easy to go. The serenity and calmness in the atmosphere will give you a pleasant charm. You will find a break from your restless mind.


New Town Eco Park (Bengali: প্রকৃতি তীর্থ; Prakriti Tirtha) is an urban park in Rajarhat, Kolkata and the biggest park so far in India. The park was conceptualised by Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee in July 2011. West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) is the overarching body coordinating the construction of the park, along with different other government bodies responsible for implementation of different works inside the park. The park is situated on a 480 acres (190 ha) plot and is surrounded by a 104 acres (42 ha) waterbody with an island in the middle.

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